Tuesday, November 6, 2012

MacIver Institute outraged over possible Chaos at Madison Obama rally, that never happened.

I'm beginning to understand the MacIver Institute's mission in politics; to out do the Onion.

The following "report," "Amazing Video of Obama's Madison Crowd," is an unintentional over-the-top self parody. The inane pettiness and degree of phony outrage is mind-bending, yet conservative talk host and author Charlie Sykes bought into the silliness hook, line and sinker.

The picture to the right is how he packaged it for his new site "RightWisconson powered by Charlie Sykes." No, I'm not linking to it, since that would be like intentionally spreading cancer.

Here's a sample of that "Amazing" video that twists itself into a pretzel trying to portray the Obama rally as something bordering on dangerous. It's actually funny stuff, and that's why I'm posting it. First, check out the panicky language in the first sentence, which they mindlessly take back in the second sentence. Priceless drivel:

Law enforcement and landlords were prepared for complete chaos when the Obama Campaign announced it would have a rally in downtown Madison during Monday rush hour. However, disruptions seemed minimal as most people drawn to the rally were able to fit onto a two block road hosting the event. 

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