Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Van Wanggaard! The Bad, Bad Loser...goes after Criminal Voting Public!

It wasn't enough that Van Wanggaard held up conceding to recall winner and Democrat John Lehman by having a recount, no, now Wanggaard's goal in life is to vilify voters who had the gall to register in large numbers on election day. How dare they? If it wasn't for their votes, he would have won.

Wanggaard must thinks it's all part of a great citizen plot, where Racine Democrats conspired to turn out in large numbers, voting twice or more to oust the jolly old union buster himself. Only the paranoid conservative mind could dream up scenarios they alone would believe possible, and then project those daydreams onto Democrats.

What will Van Wanggaard do in his off time? The vindictive loser's goin' after voters. Patch:

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Gareth said...

Another Tea Party member pissed off because his double dipping comes to an end. Boo Hoo!