Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Raw Milk blamed for outbreak that sidelined football team and sickened 38 people. Conservative Talk geniuses stumped.

For nearly a year, conservative talk radio whiners had a tantrum over an attempt to stop the sale of raw milk in the state. It was big government going after the little guy, a farmer with the best intentions and a free market sensibility. Raw milk is safe damn it.

Oops, guess a few of those “stand with Walker” voters in northwestern Wisconsin who believed that lunacy are singing a different tune today. Journal Times:
The ongoing debate over legalizing the sale of raw milk, in this state and other states, got an instructive example on the potential dangers of that path this fall in northwestern Wisconsin. A DHS investigation has confirmed that raw milk was to blame for an outbreak of stomach illnesses that sickened 38 people at a potluck dinner for the Durand High School football team, including about 22 members of the team. With so many football players falling ill, the Durand team had to cancel two football games … some of the players lost so much weight “they looked like skeletons.”
Where are our genius talk show hosts now? Remember, you don’t need much of an education to become one of the media elite on the AM dial.
Advocates of raw milk contend it is delicious and provides health benefits, including protection against asthma and lactose intolerance. They argue, as well that it is a freedom of choice issue and the government should butt out. But the dairy industry and pediatricians have lined up in opposition, and the Durand outbreak will give them a “we told you so” moment.
Back to the unsuspecting public:
Some parents are furious because they were unaware raw milk was being served at the event. Some families reportedly face thousands of dollars in medical bills.
Enemies of the free market; doctors and the government: Heck, what do they know?
Last December, the American Academy of Pediatrics advocated a nationwide ban on the sale of raw milk because of the danger of bacterial illnesses — particularly for pregnant women, infants and children. Legislation to allow raw milk sales in Wisconsin was vetoed in 2010 by Gov. Jim Doyle, but the issue has been revived in the Legislature. We expect it will be on the agenda again. 
That's because Republicans never learn anything from reality, or the pain and suffering of actual people. Free market raw milk is a guaranteed freedom that needs to be protected. Here's a WKOW story from a few months back dealing with the same farmers talk radio hosts were convinced had a legal right to sell their raw milk. Guess not:

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