Sunday, November 16, 2014

Walker's "Tools" may just close down Montello District Schools if referendum isn't approved.

The one time "tools" Scott Walker gave to our state school districts have been exhausted. Rural area schools have sounded the alarm, but Walker isn't listening, and he certainly won't be taking State Superintendent Tony Evers reform suggestions anytime soon either. 

Without these important social center schools, small towns will eventually dry up. But never fear, we may still be able to mine or sell their land and buildings to foreign countries like China. 

Institute of Public Research:
Facing the worst of all possible choices — the loss of the heart of their community — members of the district board voted unanimously to put a recurring $1.1 million referendum on the spring 2015 ballot to keep the doors of Montello schools open.

The other options to close the gap are to cut 17 teachers or gain 100 students.

Without the $1.1 million referendum being approved, the last school year that doors would be open at Montello would be 2015-2016. “We really have no other choice,” stated board member Lisa Smith.


  1. Any idea how the community voted in a recent election?

  2. That area of the state is deep red. Let the schools close. Stand with Walker...slide into the abyss