Saturday, November 15, 2014

Walker Administrations Pay-to-Play Cronyism hits stride after Election...nothing to stop them now.

In what is turning out to be an endless stream of stories tying campaign contributions to government contracts, pay-to-play, we've got another one that stinks to high heaven. What has to happen to get the attention of "stand with Walker" supporters?

Scott Walker's business friendly elimination of competitive bidding for taxpayer funded projects is bearing fruit for some well connected individuals, and is plainly set up for backroom pay-to-play deals. Let's get serious here and admit the obvious?

Keep in mind, the story from WKOW's Greg Neumann starts by saying the DOA is forking over the names of all the parties, but that obscures the fact that despite a long list, it wouldn't matter. The administration had already picked a winner based on a suspiciously timely campaign contribution.
The Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) has agreed to release the names of all developers who have submitted proposals to purchase the state's Hill Farms property, just one day after 27 News reported the agency had turned down records requests for similar information.  The names will be released either late Monday or early Tuesday of next week.
Here's the video story:

The interest from the media is due, in part, to a $10,000 donation Madison developer Terrance Wall made to Gov. Scott Walker's (R-Wisconsin) campaign less than two weeks after DOA opened its Request for Proposals (RFP) on the property in October. In June 2013, The state legislature passed a measure eliminating competitive bids On October 13th, 2014.  27 News wanted to know who was on the tour, because nine days after the registration deadline for it, Terrance Wall made a donation of $9,975 to Gov. Walker's campaign.
In an amazing understatement, at least one Democrats had the time to comment:
"I think we're starting to see a very direct line of cronyism," said Rep. Terese Berceau (D-Madison).
Ya think? Where are the other Democrats we thought learned their lesson from the midterm drubbing? No major offensive? Nothing has changed. 

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