Thursday, November 6, 2014

Walker ran and won because he was..."for something?" Another big lie...

Okay, so the news media has decided not to question Scott Walker's rousing acceptance speech that made the wildly ridiculous claim the midterms were all about "being for something."

Ah, apparently no one has talked to a conservative voter lately. They're against their own government for gods sake, not to mention health care, SS, Medicare/Medicaid, unemployment, consumer protection, environmental protection, clean energy, climate change, education, Obama, Democrats, liberals, peace, food stamps, decent roads, rural high speed internet, local control, legalization of pot, biotechnology, state colleges, controlling student loan debt...etc.

Having it both ways, again: I edited together the following video clips to prove Walker is lying again, during his acceptance speech of all places. Mary Burke's campaign was a positive attempt to sell Wisconsinites on a better business plan for the state. Walker and his campaign surrogates smeared her and a successful major state company. That's "for something?" Rachel Maddow pointed out what Walker and the Republicans were against. Walker voters know I'm right:

Here's an adoring letter to the editor from a "stand with Walker" low information voter:
Gov. Walker creates electricity in a crowd. It is not empty hope, it is a vitality you can feel and want to be a part of. Last night, most of our nation made a resounding statement that they wanted to be a part of this type of electricity and contribute from a positive position.

Gov. Walker is the real thing. He is a success because he governs from a positive position in an attempt to impact as many of the people as possible in a way that will improve their lives.

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