Thursday, November 20, 2014

Republicans refuse to work under the same rules they set for Democrats.

Republicans continue to work under one set of rules, partisan rules not open to anyone else. This was a nice way to start:

Unlike McConnell's opening "nonpartisan" smack down of Obama following his election win, the rules are different for Republicans like Paul Ryan, who found doesn't like it thrown back their way:

Coincidentally, I just talked to my conservative friend in Milwaukee about the different set of rules parsed out by Republicans, especially on immigration. 

Despite Obama's overwhelming reelection, Republicans for some reason didn't give in to the will of the people they talk so much about on the Affordable Care Act. Funny how that happened huh? But now, even when Obama wasn't on the ticket, the election was all about ObamaCare again. 

What I did learn from our email discussion was none of this amounted to a hill of beans to him. He didn't see the duplicity of his own snake oil selling party. What mattered to him was winning and giving everything away to business, because government doesn't create jobs. How do you break through with that kind of thinking?  

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