Monday, November 3, 2014

Mary Burke lost 130,000 jobs after she caused the Great Recession.

Okay, this is an obsession of mine and I can't stop posting stories it. I'm talking about Scott Walker's unbelievable lie: Former governor Jim Doyle and Mary Burke caused the Republican Great Recession that wiped 130,000 jobs in Wisconsin.

It's ridiculous of course, but the media has resisted correcting Walker for the last 4 years...yes, a whole 4 years. Only a few times was Walker asked about the absurdity of the claim, like this from Upfront with Mike Gousha, but even then he was able to word salad his way out of it:

Here's the latest attempt to get people to forget how the Republicans caused the Great Recession, and shift the blame to Mary Burke. Maybe it's her fault, says Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce:


  1. Mary burke made wall street crash and also did 9/11.. dan megivern told me so

  2. The problem is that no one ever calls him on that lie! I get so frustrated with Dems...fight fire with fire for change!