Friday, November 7, 2014

Big Energy slows consumer solar adoption, proposes new natural gas power plant. Coincidence?

The good news is a few coal fired power plants are going to be shut down. The bad news?

We're going to get a new natural gas power plant at the same time the Public Service Commission is granting huge fixed rate increases to discourage the adoption of consumer installed solar panels.
jsonline: Wisconsin Power and Light Co. announced the project on Thursday, saying it's needed to replace older and less-efficient coal and natural gas-fired power plants owned by Alliant across the state.
Have no fear, Alliant Energy is "thinking" of cornering the solar market too with their own clean energy panels. Hey, if anybody's going to use the free low cost energy of the sun and charge something for it, it might as well be our monopolistic energy companies.
Utility spokesman Scott Reigstad said, "Over the coming months, we are going to look at how solar may fit into our plans."
Oh sure they will.  You think this might also be a way to raise customer bills for the new plant, make up for a drop in their profits, all the while paying out big stockholder dividends? Ya never know.
Alliant said its net income fell nearly 3% … its board has approved an 8% increase in its stockholder dividend target for 2015
Have we answered the question about the Koch brothers interest in reelecting Scott Walker yet? 

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