Monday, November 3, 2014

Mitch McConnell's Election Information Fraud Alert....

This "fraudulent information" warning is utterly evil, and amazingly creative:
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  1. So was there anything in the letter that is factually wrong? And was the Democratic nominee really trying to be to the right of the Republican on coal? I thought Democrats were trying to shut down as many coal power plants as possible.

  2. For those too dense to get it, "Fraud" and "voter" in the form of a warning letter is trying to mislead citizens. It's funny stuff, and very official.

    You really don't get it? Looks like McConnell is targeting the right audience. You.

  3. So I assume all of the information was indeed correct then? It is a paid advertisement made to look like a letter from the Republican Party - which is very clear and visible at the bottom of the letter.

    You also didn't answer on whether or not the Democratic candidate was really trying to be to the right of McConnell on coal.