Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gov. John Kasich trashes Scott Walker's lie about Common Core.

Scott Walker outright lied about Clinton's "friendly" relationship with Republicans back in the early 90's, taking a shot at Obama's supposed partisan use of executive orders. That much was made very clear by Gov. John Kasich.

But just as newsworthy was Kasich's take down of Walker's lie about Common Core, when Scottie portrayed it as a government takeover of our schools. Instead, it's a national standard that compares every state equally. Maybe Walker wasn't paying attention a little while back, when some state's under No Child Left Behind lowered their standards to look good and avoid penalties.

Ironically, Walker looked even more foolish when he bragged about Wisconsin's high test scores, high standards and high rankings...a direct result of Common Core, in place for the last 4 years. He's under the impression that it's a national curriculum, a conclusion he reached based on nothing more than GOP talking points. Even worse, Walker thinks Act 10's attack on collective bargaining made kids smarter.

As you'll see, Kasich grew more and more frustrated by the continued misrepresentations by the panel of governors, most notably Scott Walker. From the Republican Governors Association panel: 

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