Monday, November 10, 2014

Candidate for President Scott Walker Meets the Press and Nation with Big Fat Lies!!!!

Stop it...stop it now. Scott Walker is running for president for gods sake. Will the media stop pretending this is a story?

Chuck Todd asked Scott Walker a number of great questions, but unfortunately, didn't ask the much needed followup questions. So all we got were big fat lies.

Walker National Lie # 1: Walker repeated 2 lies to a national audience already disproved by Wisconsin PolitiFact:

Walker National Lie # 2: Walker repeated and stuck to the idiotic notion the government would renege on its Medicaid payments. In reality, those payments fluctuate based on a formula that adjusts to the economic health of the targeted state. He must know that, making this one big fat lie:

Walker's insulting "plan" to serve four years: Seriously, "plan" kind of gives that BS away, ya think?

I'm waiting to see just how Walker brings up former Governor Jim Doyle's Great Recession.
Michael Czin, the DNC's press secretary, said in a statement that targeted Walker's record on jobs, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on credit downgrades and Texas Gov. Rick Perry on his state's poverty rate. "The fact is that the gubernatorial wing of the GOP is every bit as broken and dysfunctional as the congressional wing of the party," Czin said.

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