Friday, November 21, 2014

Conservative think tanks seek to empower shifting health care costs our way!

Republicans have an odd way of putting you in charge. If you don’t mind paying a whole lot more out of pocket, then being empowered is a great idea. You’re in control when and if you ever decide to seek health care, based on what you can afford. If you make a bad decision, you have only yourself to blame. It’s guilt free politics that negatively affects every family member in the country.

This is how conservative thinks tanks are packaging the cost shift to public employees as rugged individualism:
report by the Wisconsin-based MacIver Institute and the Dallas-based National Center for Policy Analysis  Argue State-Run System Should Be Closed To New Workers, People Under 45 … state Legislature should require younger public employees to use health savings accounts instead of the state's current health insurance system.

“Once it gets done and the actual employee and the actual retiree see that they're controlling more of their health-care dollars, they accept it and they find it empowering,” researcher John Graham said.
What they're really selling? 
Citizen Action's Robert Kraig (said) it would merely shift more of the financial burden of health care onto employees. “Their same report also concedes that this is going to shift a lot more of the financial burden onto the employee. So to then turn around and say that it's empowering because you control your own account, I think it's misleading.”
Just another liberal understatement that does nothing to energize our Democratic legislators to speak out…we are so bad at this. 

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  1. Jake formerly of the LP left this comment:

    Sounds a whole lot like Paul Ryan's "Vouchercare." Yes, you get the tax write-off for the Health Savings account...if you pay out of pocket first. I'm sure we all have that type of scratch lying around and can wait for our tax return later on in case we get sick, right?

    What a pathetic scam and disgusting way to look at life, where money is considered to be more important than the security of health coverage. Go ahead and try that one, WisGOP.