Thursday, November 20, 2014

Walker running up projected deficit to $2.2 Billion, but still promises more tax cuts. Thank you "stand with Walker" voters.

With all the irresponsible tax cuts enacted by the Republican legislature, and now lower than expected revenues coming in, Scott Walker's Wisconsin is running deeper and deeper into debt. 

Even if some of the requested spending is eliminated or paired back, the deficit projection is a realistic look at what the state needs to maintain the same quality of life and essential services we had before. What we're seeing in this projected deficit is real world budgeting disproving an already failed ideological fantasy exemplified by the Great Recession. 
The Wisconsin Department of Administration's 2015-17 state fiscal report projects a staggering $2.2 billion deficit. 
Wow, this is just what Republicans wanted. Just ask Rep.Robin Vos:
“The numbers put out today show what it would cost to fund everyone’s wish list. The reality is that’s not going to happen. We will continue to manage the state’s finances by making prudent decisions and doing what’s best for Wisconsin and its taxpayers. We will look to cut government waste and fraud, eliminate duplicative services and set the right priorities for the state.”
The more honest answer?
Senate Democratic Leader-elect Jennifer Shilling: “The slash-and-burn approach to budgeting over the past four years clearly hasn’t worked.” 
A while back Sen. Alberta Darling was asked by a reporter what would happen if the new Republican majorities agenda failed. She answered, and I'm paraphrasing, "Make more spending cuts." Amazing.

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