Saturday, November 8, 2014

Walker won't have his panting lap dog voters if he runs for president.

Walkermaniacs have invested so much of themselves in Scott Walker's faltering ideologically driven political agenda, that any attempt to defeat him just hardened their resolve at election time. Their voter turnout never wavered. Why? Because any attempt to stop, set back or defeat Walker were taken personally by his voting base.

Just barely interested? 
Progressives have nothing to apologize for in their attempt to protest Walker's attack on collective bargaining or their decision to have him recalled. But each of those events solidified Walker's base. That's another reason vote totals supporting Walker never changed. That's why Wisconsin is the most divided state. He could conceivably stay in power for a long time too, because performance in office isn't an issue.

Slower job growth, more borrowing, deeper spending cuts aren't on his voters radar, because their finely oiled media machine keeps them distracted with newly created hot button issues that bash the nations home grown liberal terrorists. John Doe convictions for Walker's closest aides? Forget about it.

But Walker has a problem running for president. He won't have that loyal and breathlessly dedicated voter base to cling to. He'll have to stand on stage with the other presidential contenders raising his hand for yes or no questions about global warming, gay marriage, contraception, the minimum wage, cutting Social Security and Medicare. He won't be able to play the victim of his party's relentless focus on abortion, voter suppression and education reform.

Slick Scottie will have to lay it all out there. The America Prospect wrote this about our states popular sociopath:
Of all the potential GOP 2016 candidates, Walker may be the most terrifying. Yes, it would be a calamity of apocalyptic proportions if Ted Cruz were to become president, but we all know that's never going to happen. Walker, however, is a much more credible candidate.
But I don't think so, at least, not without his loyal base. As the Prospect noted:
"Walker? He's all hard edges and ideological search-and-destroy missions, leaving bitterness and anger in his wake even when he wins.
Yea, that's our governor.

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  1. He will also be just one of a crowd of boys who are selling the same product. Problem is, the others have much more national 'sales' experience and haven't been hiding for the last 3+ years. First serious national exposure should be delightfully embarrassing.
    Run, Scotty, run.