Saturday, November 1, 2014

6th District Candidate for Congress Mark Harris casually wipes the floor with grumbling Glenn Grothman on Drug Testing!!!

I think I could listen to Winnebago County Executive Mark Harris, a Democrat from Oshkosh, talk all day about his solutions to today's problems. He was the adult in the room, with Republican State Sen. Glenn Grothman down the table from him.

Grothman looked uncomfortable, irritated and inconvenienced, throwing off answers only because he had to.

The highlight was Harris' answer on drug testing. It was the only major applause line that prompted a warning from the moderator. This is gold:
Harris: "But there's a presumption here that people that are poor are more likely to be abusing drugs, and I'm not sure we have any evidence to support that. I think it's a little insulting that we jump to that conclusion. I bet you none of the business men that are going to get your manufacturing tax credits are going to have to pee into a bottle before they get it." 

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  1. IMO. That last line by Harris is what regular folks really want to hear more from candidates for public office...ala Warren. That is a part of economic equality, but I am still a little surprised candidates on (our side) don't take up Walker and Grothman on their drug testing call by saying something like, "if this becomes law, let's make sure it's not punitive. Let's make sure the reason for the test is not to take away aid that they so desperately need to survive, but to better understand that they may indeed require even more state assistance for rehab to combat the addictions that prevents them from gainful employment."