Thursday, November 27, 2014

PSC kills Renewable Energy Jobs with MG&E base rate increase - a penalty- for solar users.

With two Scott Walker appointees, the Public Service Commission voted 2-1 to raise base rates for MG&E customers, especially renewable energy users.

Besides negatively effecting seniors and low income Wisconsinites, the rate increase will nearly kill any savings for those converting to green wind or solar energy.

And don't believe for a second this will be the last time we see a base rate increase, making any conversion to solar a really bad idea for customers.

The rate increase is part of a larger war against the movement to switch to renewable energy taking place in other states, where fossil fuel utilities are pushing back with billing penalties.

Worse for Wisconsin: Any chance we'll see wind and solar industries set up shop here is all but over. Ideologically, their just not welcome here. Subtract them from the small list of preferred business customers within the Republican Party that garners favor through campaign contributions. Job creation never was the real goal.

From WISC and WKOW:

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