Thursday, November 13, 2014

Conservative Talker Dana Loesch appears amused by her own hopelessly ridiculous arguments.

Big Ed Schultz corrected a whole bunch of lies from what appears to be the Senates biggest liar, Sen. Mitch McConnell. This guy is looking more and more surreal. The frightening realization that Republicans no longer have to pretend they're dealing with things the real world, is very unsettling.

Besides McConnell, Schultz interviewed another one of those conservative radio dummies, Dana Loesch, who like every Republicans, can't answer even one simple yes or no question. By the way, being a talk show host doesn't automatically make inhumans like Loesch a health care authority, especially if their pushing their ridiculous free market Dickensian solution.

Loesch suggested getting rid of employer provided health insurance plans. MSNBC host Krystal Ball asked Loesch if that would result in millions of people losing their current doctor. Loesch said no, of course not. Really? I would be curious to see how she would prevent that from happening.  

Loesch played the victim (don't they always, yawn) with rapid fire word salads, talking over everyone on the show, obscuring the factual subject matter from viewers. Mission accomplished, so what's new. Loesch's embarrassing appearance proves there's no real way to break through to these numskulls:

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