Saturday, November 15, 2014

Independent Business Association mixes and obscured Net Neutrality argument with Cable Industry attack to restrict access.

The right-wing lobbyists at the Independent Business Association of Wisconsin are all for keeping the internet the way it is today...except for a few changes; blocking sites, tiered access and speed lanes. No big deal. What could go wrong?

Telecommunications Service?: The current classification says that the internet is an information service. The information is there if you want it. But that's not the internet I know. Net neutrality would turn this GOP pushed classification into what the internet is today, a telecommunication service.

Pundits often forget their biggest point: phone service. Cable providers often bundle the internet, TV and phone together, which ironically makes it what it is today, a telecommunication service. These big monopolies have themselves to blame for wanting it all. 

Anyone think business is looking out for us? The Independent Business Association of Wisconsin deceptively began by praising the current internet, but then turned around and bashed it as an outdated, business killing model that needs "innovation;" like money making schemes that shuts down or slows access for some, while raking in cash for those needing speed. A note on speed: The U.S. is still offering megabits at premium prices, while the rest of the world speeds by us in gigabits for less.  

Here's IBAW's tricky little rant:
The Internet is one of greatest technological achievements in recent memory … tremendous power to inform us, fuel economic growth and propel us into the 21st Century where information is easily accessed … strong a protector of our First Amendment rights … enables aspiring entrepreneurs to access infinite resources and new markets … The Internet is constantly evolving …
And while we accomplished all these wonderful things under a completely open internet, business interests say the old rules weren't working? And keeping it the same would stifle such "innovations” as tiers for service, slowing some users access, charging more for start-up businesses that need speed…etc.? That’s their argument:
Regulating the Internet with an outdated 20th Century law does the opposite and moves us backward. Title II can only stifle innovation, growth and it will harm users, not help them. As with many government regulations, this would be just the tip of the iceberg of unintended consequences affecting users, providers, mobile apps and services.
Obama’s attempt to keep the internet the same is what net neutrality is all about. It’s not the “innovation” of tiers and fast lanes. The IBAW's final comment is a total deception, and they know it:
Today’s Internet is open, robust, and vibrant, and I urge our leaders in Washington to do everything they can to keep it that way.
Yes, by classifying it as a telecommunication service. From Thom Hartmann, this in-depth look:

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