Friday, November 14, 2014

Walker now Tweeting meaningless claims.

Has anyone else noticed how dramatically the Republican Party has parted ways with the reality based world, for absolute nonsense fabricated to simply rile the base? From immigration, the green energy agreement with China, the phony outrage over Jonathan Gruber's comments, and their overreach legislation to limit the powers of the executive branch. Who are these people?

Walker's tweet below has no attribution, and is pure hearsay from perhaps some disgruntled supporter effected by health care cost saving measures? Saving money is now a bad thing if it targets GOP special interests? Of course.


  1. It would have been nice if Walker had participated in setting up an exchange. If he wasn't so caught up in his own self importance, he would have realized HE could have done something to minimize increases. Tunnel Vision!


    And if he's got a problem with businesses having to pay for health care, then Medicare for All will take care of that problem really fast.

  3. What must be remembered here is that all of Wisconsin pays more for their healthcare because of Walker's policies in not expanding Medicaid and refusing to have a state sign up for the ACA. He is causing the nonprofit to pay more for healthcare, if indeed his statement is true! No one can lie better than a preacher, except maybe his eagle scout son!