Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hunting Licenses take Plunge in reaction to DNR's new "simplified" maze of Regulations.

I documented all of this before...here, about "Dr. Deer's" disastrous takeover of our hunting rules and regulations. James Kroll said one of his recommendations was to "simplify regulations," to "put the fun back into deer hunting." Here's the DNR video of him actually saying that, with the caveat that sometime these things take a while...:

Special interest money from the Safari Club International, and the ultimate plan to bring in hunting game farms like Wern Valley, isn't sitting well with sportsmen statewide. The truth is, "small" government Republicans love regulation. And it's not exactly encouraging young hunters to take up the sport:
Wisconsin's gun deer license sales are down about 11,175, lagging behind last year's pace.
Ready for the list of whiny excuses no rough and ready hunter would ever think of giving? Would you believe deep snow?
DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp told reporters … the gun deer season that deep snow in northern Wisconsin may be discouraging hunters in that region from getting out this year.
And many hunters are just fine with leaving their rifles at home? Yikes, crossbows anyone?
Hunters may have decided to participate in the state's new crossbow season and forgo the traditional gun season. She also pointed out that many hunters wait until the last few days before the season opens…
…blah blah blah. Stepp wants you to know that the maze of convoluted regulations, licenses and invisible boundaries aren't the real reasons after all.  

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