Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rated #1: Liberals coddle lazy Senior’s with handouts, like mass transit, low income housing and civil engagement.

It looks like Paul Ryan was right, these social safety nets are nothing but hammocks for freeloading senior's enjoying the good life while hard working Republicans are expected to pick up the tab for transportation and entertainment.

Waukesha city residents were disappointed yet again, when greed and wealth were oddly missing on the list used to compile the ratings:
WKOW: When it comes to the best cities to live as we grow old Madison is the place to be.

The Milken Institute released their list of best cities to age in, and Madison was #1.

The list was compiled using 8 domains of a living community. They include affordable housing, accessible transportation, and civic engagement. Other Wisconsin cities include the Milwaukee area which came in at #29 on the list.

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