Saturday, November 15, 2014

Republicans Slow Mail Delivery Down in attempt to Anger Public, turn them against Postal Service.

This is a huge story that will someday be used by Republicans to make their final argue; our postal service has got to go private. Their scheme to slow service down, just to anger the public, is obvious. It would also be an important tipping point in their quest to cut government.

If the media doesn't question their motives for slowing delivery down now, than the GOP's intentional poison pill reduction in service will go unnoticed in later debates.

All of this started by making the post office prepay the employee retirement fund 75 years in advance, a $5.5 billion cost per year. Without this outrageous 2006 GOP requirement, the postal service would be making a $1 billion profit this year. So you can see why this is so transparent.

Our tea party pocket constitutionalist apparently don't mind trashing this section written by our "big government" founding fathers of all people. What were they thinking?:
Article I, Section 8, Clause 7 empowers Congress "To establish Post Offices and post Roads".
Anyone see a tea party bus of seniors stopping to protest the nationwide closing of process centers? Didn't think so.

Here's WKOW's coverage a few days back, just before the protests Friday:

WKOW: Thousands of postal workers across the country spent Friday protesting a possible end to overnight mail. The postal workers rallied outside the main post office on Milwaukee Street. USPS is set to close 82 mail processing centers, including one in Madison.

"Our postal service is under attack. Our postal workers are under attack for this community and we don't need to have a distribution center closed down," said SCFL President Kevin Gundlach. "Instead we need to strengthen our postal service. We need to strengthen our public infrastructure." If the consolidation plan goes into effect that would mean all outgoing mail from Madison would be sent to Milwaukee.
Here's Ed Schultz with Mark Dimonstein of the American Postal Workers Union. Union rep or not, the facts are the facts:

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