Monday, November 3, 2014

No Cap on Teacher Pay may strain school Budgets.

The Mic 92.1's The Devil's Advocates talked to Poynette School Board President Kathleen Lucey about Act 10's unintended consequence; the uncapped individual teacher salaries and bidding wars between the wealthier districts and rural schools. Guess who wins and guess who sees their budgets explode?

Most of us would love to see teachers get higher pay, they deserve it, but under the old uniform system. I'm curious to see if other states have seen their teachers wages strain school budgets. Especially if those districts have revenue limits. Or will there be an unfair wage gap?


  1. So your solution to the budget pressure of higher wages is to give every teacher a higher wage? I am not seeing how that would help rural budgets.

  2. Doh! Too complicated, really?

    Generally higher wages for teachers per school, not each teacher, which produces winners and losers, shortages for general teachers who don't have a specialized subject. Teaching should be about teaching our kids, the next generation, not the individual enrichment of a few people. That's been the whole argument over privatization. Where the hell have you been?

    Research the subject sometime, or is learning something you're also against.

  3. You didn't really explain how you are in favor of paying all teachers more without creating a budget problem for rural schools which is what I was questioning.

  4. Really? Just getting into this debate, are you?

    Changing the way public education is funded and money is allocated. Skip the tax cuts and pay for the future...our kids. Invest? No? Here's a clue: spend more money on public education, pay the teachers more with that money!!!!

    I can't hold your hand on this. Think just a little please.