Saturday, November 8, 2014

Don't waste time explaining anything to Anti-Education Rep. Robin Vos!

Towing the anti-education line in the Republican Party makes for some unbelievably surreal moments. Perhaps these guys thought their own education didn't tell them anything they didn't already know. It must be that "I hate school" attitude that makes them want to get back at those arrogant know-it-all teachers, the ones who questioned their inner genius.

Republican Assembly Speaker Robin put his disdain for education and inner playground bully on full display when he took a shot at history's unintended but life changing discoveries that resulted from basic research. 

The problem is, why spend time trying to explain anything to this obvious dimwit. Seriously, who doesn't get it, except for an entire Republican Party that assumes TV's, electricity, engines, and space travel are just naturally occurring conditions of life.
Cap Times: Researchers at UW-Madison are focusing their responses to Vos’ remarks on how the university already boosts the state economy through research and places a high priority on quality teaching. Steve Ackerman, associate vice chancellor for research in the physical sciences, said it is hard to predict whether study of the fundamental aspects of science, undertaken without specific applications in mind, will pay off in the end."
Yea, right, isn't it obvious, all these UW researchers want is more state money to throw away on "ancient mating habits of whatever."

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