Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Walker lies about the few jobs created on his watch.

WISC's Jessica Arp busted Scott Walker for not just stretching the truth, but trashing it as usual. In her feature "Reality Check," Arp looks at the jobs Walker is undeniably taking credit for.

When you have to lie this often and early in the campaign, it's a bad sign. Arp titled this check, "Walker ad uses some selective editing."

...But it's the other two cases where you don't hear a company name that are misleading.

The 700 jobs cited in Green Bay footage aren't new. Schreiber Foods built a new facility in downtown Green Bay, but they consolidated existing jobs from six other facilities.

Then the clip from a Milwaukee TV station that shows a vacant lot cites 1,500 jobs with a graphic saying "New Hotel Plans" in West Allis. While the viewer may think this means a new hotel is creating 1,500 jobs in West Allis, that's not the case.

Instead, the story was quoting the West Allis mayor, saying 1,500 jobs have been added throughout the entire city over the year. The hotel pictured in the ad may potentially add 30 to 40 jobs.
You've got to wonder why Walker couldn't fill an ad with jobs he or his mismanaged WEDC might have had a hand in creating.

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