Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Walker Recall Blacklist is Back, used against Democratic Candidate Mark Harris running for Petri’s seat.

Major donors get to hide their political affiliations all the while influencing local elections and public policy. It’s all about free speech. But those citizens who participate in the actual electoral process, like deciding to have a recall, have their political affiliation publically exposed and are retaliated against by the Republican Party. 

A brief line covering the recent private “debate” between Glenn Grothman and Mark Harris pretty much says it all. Harris had a nice comeback, as seen below, despite Grothman's insinuation that the recall signature all by itself should disqualify Harris from public office. Dissent will not be tolerated. Also note the interesting purpose for voter ID bluntly stated in the picture:
WPR: Republican State Sen. Glenn Grothman, and Democratic Winnebago County Executive Mark Harris, competing in the 6th Congressional District, sparred over topics … Grothman also criticized Harris for signing the recall petition against Gov. Scott Walker. 
Harris destroyed Grothman's smug suggestion that Act 10 helped Harris' county. There's a reason why I thought Harris should have run for governor; he's quietly smarter and more confident than most every politician in the state.
Harris said he did so because Walker's policies hurt the county and its many public employees in and around Oshkosh. 
Harris' answer to signing the recall petition and dealing with Act 10 was right on the money:

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