Sunday, September 28, 2014

Walker selling another 4 year Trip into Fantasy Land!

It looks like Scott Walker might just get away with silly answers to serious questions. But will reporters ever notice?

The following Walker clip featuring a couple of quotes about the minimum wage are so far down the rabbit hole your head will hurt.
Walker: "My goal all along was to find jobs that pay two or three times the minimum wage." 
That's like asking Walker about health care for everyone and being told that his goal all along was to wipe out disease so no one would ever gets sick again. Health care problem gone, but until then...

As far as his last idea...:
Walker: "People can have tactics that try and figure out how we're going to argue about what the floor is...I wanna argue about how high we can push the ceiling to get higher pay." 
Forget about raising wages of those already in our massive service economy, Walker is pondering the more esoteric concept of no income ceiling. Wait, what income ceiling? He's far more advance than the rest of us.  


  1. So he wants to make the pie higher, like another W?

    What a total maroon. C'mon Dems, just call out this failed dimwit.

  2. Diane Hendricks might have something to say about that.
    He should be asked whether this means he has rethought his commitment to 'right to work' laws. How do the two ideas, 'pushing the ceiling to get higher pay' and 'right to work' coexist in the next Walker administration? What specific ideas do you have, Governor Walker, that don't involve raising the minimum wage?
    Those questions would net some interesting answers. Hope someone's filming at the time.