Wednesday, September 17, 2014

GOP sue again, hates new elections ballot!!! They love the courts.

Republicans can’t seem to do anything these days without going to court first. For a party that hates litigation, jackpot justice and frivolous lawsuits, they're now the biggest offenders, seeing nothing wrong with contradicting their own set of phony principles. WisPolitics:
Republicans filed suit this morning in Waukesha County court challenging a redesigned ballot to be used for the November election, arguing it unfairly favors Dems.
The old ballots had a shaded area listing the office and a bold black line under it, with the candidates listed below. Knowing that many of their low information voters aren't too smart, they say the lack of shading and the line separating the office from the first candidate will result in a vote for Democrats:
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The lawsuit, filed by the campaigns of Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, argues the new design will also cause confusion among voters and lead to undervotes. Under the new design, the office is not shaded and there is no line between the office up for election and the first candidate listed. Lines separate each candidate. Dem candidates are listed first this year because President Obama won the state in 2012.
Frivolous? The GOP is redefining the word.
GAB Director Kevin Kennedy said any suggestion GAB staff had a partisan motivation in the redesign was "absurd."
Pretty much describes the party now. Absurd.

But more revealing is how easily Sen. Scott Fitzgerald is confused.Rep. Robin Vos insinuated a Google search would expose the ballots designer as "partisan leaning." There was no information found. I guess having any kind of opinion, or a life, or an occupation, or a favorite color that is not approved by our Republican micro managers Vos and Fitzgerald smacks of partisanship. Small government my ass. Maybe we should run everything through the Wisconsin Club for Growth, like Scott Walker does. From WKOW's Greg Neumann:

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