Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Rabid Hate Obama Crowd wins elections.

I've mentioned by conservative friend in Milwaukee often because he's given me an insight into the conservative mindset. Hating Obama is one of those insights.

Remember when Republicans would accuse Democrats of "hating Bush," a bizarre retort which ended any reasonable debate about policy? What we're finding out now is that it was "projection," an attempt to defend their own "hate" impulse by attributing it to Democrats.

The Hate Obama Crowd: By chance, two situations came up that basically make this point. The breathless nonstop culmination of Obama attacks resulted in one common message; hate Obama. My conservative friend has been saying this for years, to the point where he doesn't even care about Scott Walker, jobs or the consequences of his parties tax cut policies. He's focused on Obama, and just how much he should hates him.

Here's one of many examples that add to that irrational perception. You'll notice how it's okay to attack Obama, but not okay to attack Bush:
Yahoo: “The View's” self-proclaimed Republican co-host Nicole Wallace came out swinging against President Barack Obama Tuesday morning, saying that she doesn't think he “loves people.” Citing an assertion made by political columnist and former psychiatrist Charles Krauthammer that Obama is clearly a narcissist, Wallace insisted such a diagnosis would explain why the President has an “inability to get things done.”

A stunned Rosie O'Donnell  asked Wallace if she was implying that Barack Obama doesn't love people. Wallace simply answered, “yeah.” Wallace defended her former boss while accusing O'Donnell of attacking  President Bush.
Love ObamaCare, Hate Obama: In the short NY Times clip below, you'll notice how Kentuckians who love ObamaCare will still vote Republican. They just hate Obama. Never mind that their traditional vote for Republicans will end their health care. It's scary stuff, and a reality check. There really is no way to appeal to conservatives:

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