Thursday, September 25, 2014

Burke tells Truth about Tax Cuts for the Wealthy and tax Increases for the Poor, yet PolitiFact rates it Half True?

Mary Burke nailed it. Here's a screen capture from PolitiFact:

A true statement. But PolitiFact rated it Half True. Why?

Because PolitiFact threw in the "broader tax cut that applied to all incomes." But Burke didn't mention that because she focused on two true points: Tax cuts for the wealthy, and a cut in the Earned Income Tax Credit. It's in the statement above.

Here's what PolitiFact got right:
His first state budget … provided tax cuts to corporations, businesses, manufacturers and investors, among other groups. The largest tax cut, done through tax credits for production earnings of manufacturers and agricultural businesses, helps not only corporations but also individual owners of smaller businesses … we rated Mostly True a claim that the credits would enable a factory owner -- in some scenarios -- to pay less in state income tax on those production earnings than a minimum-wage fast-food worker.
The rich are also getting big cuts for services they mostly use:
In addition, the income tax changes enacted under Walker include other breaks for people across many income levels, including those with health savings accounts and those who send their children to private schools.
Burke also said Walker raised taxes on 140,000 recipients getting the EITC, which is also true:
Walker’s first budget, for 2011-’13, contained what the Legislative Fiscal Bureau classified as $49 million in tax increases. The largest change was a reduction in the state Earned Income Tax Credit about 140,000 recipients would see their credits reduced. In other words, they would pay more in taxes or get a smaller tax refund.
So her statement is half true? PolitiFact threw in something Burke didn't mention:
So, Walker cut taxes for the wealthy, but for a broad cross-section of taxpayers, as well.

But Burke was 100% right about the point she made. Whatever reason, PolitiFact decided to throw in something else, making here statement Half True. What the heck.

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