Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Scott Walker and Brad Schimel offer to protect Women in Latest Ads, from abuse and sex offenders.

With forced ultrasound tests, closed Planned Parenthood clinics around the state, the removal of punitive damages in local courts for pay equity lawsuits...among others, Republicans have a "war on women" problem.

So what does the GOP and Walker campaign do? Put out fear mongering, desperate, grotesque over-the-top ads that try make the party of women's rights look like psychos plucked out of TV's Criminal Minds.

This old soft on crime tactic has reemerged as "R" rated ads revealing their world view; where scary predator filth are stalking women. Thank god men like Scott Walker and DA Brad Schimel have dedicated themselves to protect women.

Nothing says war on women like two men, Walker and Schimel, telling us we can't trust two women candidates to advance women's rights or offer legal protections from abusers and employer discrimination. My head is hurting again. Starting with Walker's latest, here are the two ads together. They are soooooo desperate:

Suddenly a month out, Walker cares, and he's right on message:

Even Michelle Obama became a target of the "phony outrage brigade" with this transparent attempt to limit the damage:
AP: Republicans on Tuesday accused Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke of showing a "cavalier attitude" toward domestic violence in using a song by pop star Chris Brown before an appearance with first lady Michelle Obama. But Burke's campaign said the song was an unauthorized addition to its playlist and won't be used again.

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