Sunday, September 28, 2014

Unemployed Participation rate never used for Scott Walker. Many gave up looking or were booted.

Scott Walker is such a dismal failure creating jobs, that even the number of those looking for work is much higher than it was way before the Republican Great Recession.
WSJ: Over the 12-month averages from the years leading up to the Great Recession (about 145,000 in 2006 and 148,000 in 2007) ... the June estimate was that there were 174,872 people classified as unemployed — that is, people without a job but still actively searching for work. That's still elevated...
So not only have we not made up the job losses from the Great Recession, but those actively looking for work are worse now, and that doesn't include the non-participation rate for those who gave up. Yet the unemployment rate is Walker's one big bragging point in this election season, sitting at 5.6%. Maybe a few aren't looking anymore?

From my blog post “Republicans give up on Job Creation, Cut Unemployment Benefits Instead. Bizarro World Continues...” here's a few ways Walker and his Republican pirates did it. jsonline
-Repeal a program that allows claimants to receive an additional 26 weeks of benefits if they are enrolled in training.

-Bar inmates in work-release programs from receiving unemployment benefits.

-Tighten the definition of workplace misconduct so that fewer people would qualify for benefits.

-Eliminate nine instances in which a worker can quit a job and still claim benefits.

-Requirement for job hunters to come up with an impossible 4 job applications a week.
Job creator or ruthless magician for the gullible base? And why doesn't the media ever asks about the participation rate of the unemployed? It's always a big issue with Obama's numbers, but not Walker's. Why is that? 

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