Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Burke hits gold in Walker Deficit Hole.

The Walker "hole" ad was truly an election year gift to Mary Burke, not just bloggers.

My own take pictured here was just the beginning. The Burke campaign decided to mine their own  gold out of Walker's dig.
WisPolitics: Dem guv candidate Mary Burke's campaign today announced a new TV ad using footage from Gov. Scott Walker's latest spot. The Burke ad begins with a clip of Walker saying in an ad, "It's a lot easier to dig a hole than to get out of one."

"But hold on -- it was Gov. Walker who got us here. His tax breaks for the wealthy helped create a $1.8 billion deficit ... and Wisconsin hit rock bottom in Midwest job growth."

"Gov. Walker, please stop digging," the ad concludes.
Even my conservative friend in Milwaukee was stunned by Walker's decision to run something so inviting to his opponents. He by the way thinks Burke's "Reagan" ad was a powerful statement. Take it away Mary Burke.

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