Tuesday, September 16, 2014

UW Student ID's never changed to meet Voting Standards, instead, issue separate free card.

Guess what, the University of Wisconsin never updated their student ID's to make them useful for voting too, along with debit usage etc. It's only been...what...three "short" years. Student must ask for a free Voter ID card.

Why? Well, here's the explanation they gave earlier this year:
The UW student ID card didn’t meet all of the law’s requirements, and so in January 2012, the UW received permission from the state’s Government Accountability Board to issue special voter ID cards free of charge to students who requested them. James Wysocky, who works in administration and marketing for campus cards at the Wisconsin Union said, “We didn’t expect a significant volume, as most students have a driver’s license or passport. That’s why we didn’t redesign the student ID but issued a separate voter ID instead.” 
So here's the UW Voter ID, and the regular Student ID. How hard would it have been to add a signature?

From the GAB list of standards:
  • An unexpired identification card issued by a Wisconsin-accredited university or college that contains the following:
-- Date of Issuance
-- Signature of Student
-- Expiration date not later than two years after Date of Issuance

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