Monday, September 22, 2014

Walker last in job growth since becoming governor. And his projected deficit hole $3 Billion Deep?

WISC's Jessica Arp takes a detailed look at Scott Walker's actual jobs record, for last year and since he's been governor.

This self important big shot actually thinks business can't survive without him in office. The following might be a problem for those with a pretty easy gag reflex.
Walker: "I think by any objective observer would tell you, you talk to employers around the state, that between the protests and the recalls and the next wave of recalls, that kind of froze out businesses in the state."
Yes, business held their collective breath, stopped and waited till they knew Scott Walker would be back. God our world revolves around this pathetic self-aggrandized sociopath. And are business leaders really "objective observers?" Walker still doesn't see how they're playing him:

Here's Walker's incredibly delusional comment again:

Of course that doesn't explain away the projected deficits. Funny thing, unlike the projected surpluses, "projected" deficits can't be taken seriously. The numbers don't lie though, like supply side tax cutting ideologues. It's so much easier to freeload off the investment made by previous generations.

From State Sen. Jennifer Shilling's press release:
After state agencies submitted their 2015-17 budget requests this week, Gov. Walker’s budget deficit is now projected at nearly $3 billion.* The overall budget deficit could exceed $4 billion once state transportation, school funding and other agency budget figures are released.
Here are the numbers with links.

Current Fiscal Year (FY15) Budget Deficit:
$396 million (LFB memo 9.8.14)

Projected 2015-17 State Budget Deficit numbers:
$1.8 billion structural deficit (LFB memo 9.8.14)
$1.1 billion in new spending requests (DOA agency budget requests 9.15.14)
Estimated $680 million Transportation Fund deficit (Associated Press 9.15.14)
Estimated $568 million in K-12 Fair Funding costs (WI DPI 2013-15 budget request)

Thanks to Rock Netroots for digging up Shilling's great point by point look at Walker's failed policies. 

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