Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wow! Republican State Sen. Scott Fitzgerald brags "Any shortfall created by a tax cut is fine."

Facing a possible $4 billion deficit, using the same kind of math Scott Walker has is using to bash former Gov. Jim Doyle and Mary Burke, Republicans are now starting to work into their rhetoric the benefits of deficits. Believe it or not.

The Mic 92.1's Devil's Advocates show got this "Dick Cheney" like response about deficits from Sen. Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, and how they don't really matter much. Even worse, he was speaking for Scott Walker, who would say deficits caused by tax cuts are better than your everyday kind of deficits...basically.
Fitzgerald: "He's gonna say it's a deficit created by tax cuts, that's a much different situation than what we had...Any shortfall created by a tax cut is fine."
Bush and Cheney pushed this same supply side accounting logic, and how did that turn out? $7 trillion in additional debt and counting (war/veterans costs continue).

Fitzgerald's comment is at about the 30 minute mark at the Devil's Advocates podcast site.

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