Thursday, September 25, 2014

Republicans believe in American Dream, Democrats see them killing it.

Ah, the clueless press. In another example of blissful ignorance, a Washington Post reporter outright blamed liberals for losing faith in achieving the American dream. But we don't deserve blame, we deserve credit for noticing. 

In reality, the article missed the bigger point; liberals are sickened by the conservative movement to reverse worker wages and job security, putting control in the hands of private business interests. Few Republicans think our laws, written by business, is anything to worry about. Heck it sure makes their job easier too.

And that’s why many Democrats are afraid the America Dream has become just another relic of the past:   
A new poll from the Public Religion Research Institute shows 55 percent of Americans say the American Dream either never existed in the first place, or that it did exist but doesn't anymore.
Reporter Aaron Blake then came to this incredible conclusion:
But before you attribute this decline to Republicans who are very unhappy with President Obama and his leadership, consider this: Republicans (55 percent) are far more likely to believe in the American Dream than Democrats (33 percent). The 2012 report, for instance, showed Republicans at 60 percent and Democrats at 50 percent. So the difference is mostly attributable to Democrats.
Yes, Democrats believe that because they’re the ones watching the whole idea of the American Dream slip away. Republicans are blissfully hastening its demise under the banner of smaller democratic government and greater privatized control.  

Here are the details:

A CNN/Opinion Research poll in June showed 59 percent of Americanssaid the American Dream was unachievable -- the worst that number has been since 1996. Meanwhile, a February poll from McClatchy and Marist College showed 80 percent of people say it's harder to achieve the American Dream than it was before. Just 31 percent said those who worked hard had a good chance of improving their lot in life.

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