Monday, September 22, 2014

Walker Campaign's "Wisconsin Comeback" plagiarizes not just Gov. Brownback's phony Kansas Comeback, but so many others!!!

Mary Burke has a few of the same economic proposals that other Democratic candidates have endorsed as a party platform...and that's bad.

Scott Walker has the same economic proposals that other Republican candidates have endorsed as a party platform...and that's good.

So the media is going after Burke. Got it. (UPDATE at bottom)

I'm simply amazed at how much life the jsonline reporters are giving these non-plagiarized sections of Mary Burke's proposed economic model. They have not held Walker's most unoriginal tax cut, corporate welfare, supply side agenda to the same standard. The Borg-like Republican politicians are never asked why their plans always mirror so many other candidates in states everywhere.

And never mind Burke's economic plan, Burke used the same words, end of story.

1. Fact: Scott Walker and his one party authority haven't had an original idea in 4 decades.

2. Fact: Scott Walker and the Republicans simply reworded the same old ideas they've pushed for 4 decades, something they're bashing Burke for not doing herself.

The thing is, it never occurred to Democrats to beat up opponents for their cut and paste plagiarism for vouchers, private insurance markets, tort reform, deregulation, think tank legislation, ALEC, identical red state agendas, same restrictive Planned Parenthood legislation, same tax cuts, same voter ID legislation like Indiana's because it passed Supreme Court muster, etc. It's just so much phony outrage.

Ironically, it was Journal Sentinel's Jason Stein that alerted me to the most blatant plagiarism yet, and the center of Walker's whole last minute campaign. See if the this sounds vaguely familiar:

Oops, how did that bottom picture get in there? Sorry about that, we were talking about "comebacks," right? As you can see below, Scott Walker plagiarized Gov. Sam Brownback's Kansas Comeback campaign.


Isn't it time Walker admits his mistake, and announces that he will not "comeback" for a second term?

From Walker's infamous "hole" ad:
My opponent criticizes the Wisconsin Comeback - she wants to undo our reforms and create another hole. Instead let's keep moving Wisconsin forward.
Heck, Walker and Brownback weren't the only one's plagiarizing the "comeback" campaign. Behold the long list of plagiarists:

UPDATE: Tues-The news media is catching up, but not before the Republicans got the mileage they wanted. The following should force Walker to resign, and voters should note former Gov. Tommy Thompson came right out and admitted he would (rewrite) ALEC legislation as a way to disguise what we're now calling plagiarism (policy isn't plagiarism):
Walker argued (in 2010) that a sign of his frugality was that he eats his lunch out of a brown paper bag every day. But Ohio Republican George Voinovich, being advised by the same New Hampshire consulting firm as Walker, tried the same approach in a Senate race 12 years earlier.

Shortly after he left office, former Wisconsin Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson in 2002 spoke to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a conservative group that proposes model legislation for state lawmakers to push back home. “I always loved going to these meetings because I always found new ideas,” Thompson said. “Then I’d take them back to Wisconsin, disguise them a little bit, and declare that ‘It’s mine.’”


  1. Do you realize how much of a loser you appear to not quote one line of proof?

    Managing a partisian meme is not the same as copying and pasting text.

  2. I hope you're kidding. Yea, no proof, got me.