Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Obama Math: Minimum Wage Hike = Job Growth!!! Walker's Math: Minimum Wage Freeze = Dead Last in Job Growth!!!

President Obama wasn't even given 6 months before Republicans were calling his economic agenda a failure, a job killer, a waste of taxpayer stimulus money. Well 10 million new jobs later, and having gained back all the job lost during the Great Recession-and then some, Republicans are still selling their lie. And according to the Tweets I've seen from a few trolls, they believe it too.

If you’re a Republican with presidential ambitions like Scott Walker, with a record of anemic job growth that hasn't yet replaced the jobs lost in Wisconsin, that's a sign “it’s working.” Reelect the boy wonder.

I don’t want to bury the real lead story, so here it is:
Newser: Despite the absence of a federal increase, 13 states raised their minimum wages at the beginning of this year. Those states have added jobs at a faster pace than those that did not raise the wage, providing a counterpoint to a Congressional Budget Office report that projected the nation (could lose up to) 500,000 jobs.
   jsonline: President Barack Obama came to Milwaukee's Laborfest on Monday to talk up an improving economy, push Congress to boost the minimum wage … Obama set up a sharp contrast with congressional Republicans, who say a boost in the minimum wage will lead to job loss.

Republicans pounced on the Burke-Obama connection: "Mary Burke may be ducking
President Obama and his out-of-touch economic revisionism…” the RNCsaid. WISGOP: “The truth is that Burke and Obama represent the same failed policies that have produced disastrous results – and just as President Obama has taken our country backward, Mary Burke would take Wisconsin backward.”  
Who’s pushing economic revisionism? Scott Walker’s 4% jobs growth rate is moving us forward, President Obama’s jobs growth rate of 6.2% is moving us backward? Not even a nice try guys.
Walker’s Record: According to a new Labor Day report released from the Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS): “From January 2011 to June 2014, Wisconsin gained 109,200 jobs, posting growth in the labor market of 4.0 percent.

Obama’s Record: Over that same period, the national economy grew by 6.2 percent. If Wisconsin had simply kept pace with national growth, we would have added 167,622 jobs. That difference – 58,422 missing jobs in Wisconsin – suggests that over the last four years, every time Wisconsin added two jobs, the national economy added three.”
Who has jobs growth bragging rights, Walker or Obama? 
Obama said that over the past 53 months American businesses have created nearly 10 million new jobs. "You wouldn't always know it from Washington news — by almost every measure, the American economy, the American workers are better off than when I took office. We're better off by almost every measure."
But of course, Obama’s agenda - with tax increases and job killing regulations - is moving the nation backwards right? How can Walker ignore the following:
(Wisconsin's) hourly median wage grew a paltry $0.50 between 1979 and 2013, taking inflation into account. Wisconsin women earn just $0.82 for every $1 a man earns. 
Walker still refuses to raise the minimum wage.


  1. You want to make the price of employment higher and somehow you think that equals job growth?

    haha. only in loony leftist land.

    This was my favorite part...

    "Well 10 million new jobs later, and having gained back all the job lost during the Great Recession-and then some, Republicans are still selling their lie."

    You keep telling yourself what you want to hear instead of reality.


  2. Looks like someone needs a little Common Core Math.

    You linked to a story about participation rate for the unemployed. Another words, those not looking for a job anymore, which lowers the unemployment numbers, and has nothing to do with those who got jobs Einstein.

    The reason we have so many people out of work has everything to do with companies offshoring and the Great Recession (caused by deregulation). Despite all that, Obama's record id clear, and sadly, so is your "leader" Scott Walker.

  3. Hey Anonymous Clown- quick question.

    In a country that's got 70% of its economy based on buying stuff, how can that economy grow WHEN NONE OF THE CUSTOMERS HAVE MONEY? Does it just fall out of the sky?

    Corporate profits and stick but backs are at record levels, while wages as % of the economy are the lowest they've been since at least the '20s. It doesn't trickle down, AND NEVER HAS. The only way for people who work to get any benefit from taxonomic growth is to have government step in and change the behaviors of oligarchs. Raising the minimum wage is one of those ways.

    Know your history before you shoot your mouth off.