Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Free Markets are Dying because of forced employee Health care, Minimum Wages and Paid Sick Days!!!

We are so owned by big business that local editorials apologetically shill for them without even thinking anymore.  

The opening line in this Orange County Register opinion piece is supposed to be scary:
America’s businesses are getting older and fatter, while many new businesses are dying in infancy. Regulations, bailouts and crony capitalism are choking off our economic promise. A study last month by the Brookings Institution found … young people are starting companies at a sharply lower rate than in the past. 

A new report from the National Association of Manufacturers shows a major cause: The cost of complying with government regulations … falls disproportionately on smaller, newer businesses.
Why? Well first, we’re supposed to assume the National Association of Manufacturers is a believable unbiased source not looking out for its own industry…I don't think so. I guess we’re also supposed to reel back in horror at what the editorial lists as "onerous" big government regulations, but I don’t think so.
Governments are imposing onerous new rules on a seemingly daily basis: health insurance, minimum wage hikes and mandatory paid sick days for even hourly employees.
Yes, health care, the minimum wage and paid sick days are "onerous," contributing to America’s demise.

The opinion piece even admits these “onerous” regulatory mandates force smaller businesses to rely less on our social safety nets while leaving larger more politically connected companies on the public dole. I'm sorry, but business shouldn't rely on any social safety nets, right?
These mandates shift substantial social welfare costs directly onto often-struggling small businesses, while being proportionally much less costly for larger companies.
Oh, and did you know income inequality wasn't caused by chintzy business owners looking for cheap labor that relied on taxpayer supported food stamps and health care, it was our meddling government:
It also makes the arguments of socialism distressingly more attractive to those who don’t understand that free markets are our best chance for prosperity for all. Income inequality — which is directly caused by flawed government policy…
The solution to flawed government policy…wait for it; government policy. Would I kid you:
Policy must incubate our new and small businesses...

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