Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Missed Labor Day story: Walker's ballsy Laborfest "presence" greeting Obama and union leaders.

Scott Walker and WISGOP succeeded in distracting the press long enough to make Walker's Laborfest participation a non-story.

Press Getting Fooled Again: The media couldn't get enough of the phony "Burke won't be seen with Obama" story. Like past Labor Day celebrations where Republicans like Sean Duffy and Paul Ryan hypocritically took part in hometown parades, Walker was right there gritting his teeth and waving to the crowd that wished he'd go away permanently.

You'd think Walker would have been more comfortable in the company of Sheldon Adelson or David Koch?
Republican Gov. Scott Walker, who pushed through a law that stripped most public sector union members of their ability to collectively bargain … was at General Mitchell International Airport to greet Obama upon his arrival in Milwaukee. Walker also greeted the labor leaders accompanying Obama, including Mary Kay Henry of the Services Employees International Union and Leo Gerard of the United Steelworkers Union.


  1. It's "ballsy" when no one knows his schedule. Everyone knew of Obama's schedule ...and Burke's. How many folks knew Walker was going to be there ...in advance? Not a chance with his secret schedule.