Thursday, September 18, 2014

Blaska confirms, it was Doyle's Great Recession! Claims Walker cut the Working Poor's Earned Income Tax Credit because they didn't pay taxes.

Blogger and pundit David "Bluster" Blaska made a few incredible but very revealing statements today on WPR, that proved there is an alternative reality out there, and Republicans will be voting in it come November.

Point #1: In this short clip, Blaska's first comment will blow your mind. You know how Scott Walker continues to blame the Great Recessions jobs and business losses on former Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle, well Blaska confirms it with this:
"And we're only, ah, three and a half years out from the Doyle recession."
I chuckle every time I hear it. But that's not all.

Point 2: I've been pointing out how nationally, Republicans want to pair back safety nets by proposing an increase in the Earned Income Tax Credit. That sounds nice until you realize on a statewide level, Republicans are reducing the credit, essentially raising taxes on the poor while advocating tax cuts for business and the wealthy.

Blustery Blaska lays out how Republicans really feel about the EITC,
"First of all, you can't raise taxes on people who don't pay any taxes...we simply couldn't afford to shell out that kind of money...there was a small cut made in the money we gave, say taxpayer gave to people who didn't pay taxes." 
Walker balanced the budget by reducing the money given to the working poor via the EITC...because they didn't pay any taxes in the first place.

Here's how the Republicans described the EITC cuts way back on May 31, 2011:
But Republicans said the state tax credit program was generous and that changes needed to be made to ensure the state balanced a $3 billion budget deficit over the next two years and still gave businesses incentives to create jobs. The cuts to the earned income credit would total $56.2 million over two years, $12.7 million more than the cuts proposed by Walker. The Legislative Fiscal Bureau has described Walker's proposal as a state income tax increase.

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