Friday, September 19, 2014

After Destroying Election Process, Republicans seek to distract with Ballot Design Lawsuit!!! Here's the Truth Behind the Lawsuit from Republicans Fitzgerald and Vos.

The ridiculous and whiny ballot lawsuit by Sen. Scott Fitzgerald and Rep. Robin Vos is meant to muddy the election waters even more, with the hopes of discouraging and frustrating voters enough so they won’t turn out.

But the comments by the snarling unlikable Vos need some clarification. He said this on WKOW:
"Now, a simple Google search, if you were to type in a person that you were giving a special contract to that's dealing with elections, would have revealed that she had a partisan leaning."

Vos is simply saying that left leaning individuals in America cannot be trusted to do anything anymore, and only conservatives have higher more principled intentions. But that supposes Dana Chisnell is left leaning. Perhaps making election ballots easier to understand and free of possible errors does smack of liberalism, because it does run counter to the maze of regulations and hoops Republicans hope to send voters through year after year.
You be the judge. Here’s a quick video interview with this "known" electoral saboteur:

Dana Chisnell’s the person election bureaus call to create bulletproof ballots, ones that are clear enough and understandable enough to ensure that every vote counts. 

She went on to work on the Design for Democracy project — a group dedicated to using design tools to make ballots and voting more understandable; it researched and set forth the best practices for creating printed ballots, optical scan ballots, signs and posters at polling places … created tiny field-guide booklets with easy-to-implement, actionable tips — the boiled-down essence of their research. Her slogan: Democracy is a design problem.
Perhaps Fitzgerald and Vos didn't like the liberal leaning MacArthur Foundation, which “supports creative people and effective institutions committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world, defend human rights, advance global conservation and security, make cities better places, and understand how technology is affecting children and society.” You know, all the things Republicans hate the most because it empowers people with actual freedom and liberty, and not that meaningless version you see on their bumper stickers.

Chisnell is no partisan "hitperson" either. She’s done work in such “leftist” states like Georgia and Ohio:
The guides are now in their third printing, with 1,500 sets being used in 43 states and in four Canadian and European provinces. Demand has exceeded supply. Georgia requested one set for every county. So did Ohio … Matt Masterson, deputy chief of staff for the Ohio secretary of state, who noted that almost all of Chisnell’s ideas involved no additional costs.  
It's hard to get anymore partisan than Ohio, who's Republican Secretary of State tried to gum up the last few elections by restricting early voting and wanted to end early voting the last 3 heaviest days of turnout.

But she's just too partisan for Wisconsin. Poor Chisnell, destroying her own business to give Democrats in Wisconsin a leg up on sure thing gerrymanders Republicans. What a waste.

For fun, check out Chisnell's latest design for online voting:
The Anywhere Ballot: What if anyone could vote on any device? What if, rather than having separate voting systems for people who did and didn’t have disabilities, voters could vote on a device they already had and knew and had customized and personalized. This is a project sponsored by the Election Assistance Commission.

Try out the Anywhere Ballot on your computer or tablet

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  1. Yes the ballot designers should have consulted the legislators just as the Republican legislators consulted the Democratic legislators in the entire redistricting process. Are these creeps that afraid of letting the voters actually speak?