Friday, September 26, 2014

The NRA Militia endorses who else, "Divide and Conquer" Governor Scott Walker, opposes something called a "time tax."

Let me get this right: Gun regulations make it harder to purchase firearms and they get in the way of the 2nd Amendment. Voter regulations make it harder to vote but don’t get in the way of our federal and state constitutional right to vote. I understand now…we are Borg!

But in a twist I didn't see coming, but should have, the NRA Militia* has decided to exploit the conservative impulse to freeloader with their natural opposition to taxes of all kinds; they're calling it “the antiquated 48-hour “time tax” on handgun purchases.”

Time tax? Nothing says playing to the fears and dislikes of Republicans everywhere like a “time tax.” Ouch. The NRA Militia is apparently renewing and energizing a whole raft of new "taxes" based on the tried and true “death tax” scare. I found this new "tax" at the NRA Militia site designed specifically for Scott Walker. How kind.

I wouldn't be surprised to discover NRA Militia opposition to the;

-"Learning Tax:" Gun licensing courses turning idiots into legal gun toting idiots.

 -"Licensing Tax:" Big government permits to carry and own a firearm. 

-"Open Carry Tax:" Laws blocking open carry at events and businesses.

-"No Guns Allowed Tax:" Where private freedom loving family homes institute and post a no guns allowed sign tax on guests. 

-"Smart Gun Tax:" A free market attempt to destroy the 2nd Amendment with guns that are smarter their owners. 
These are just a few new "taxes" pushed by who else, "tax" and spend liberals who hate America. 

God, if only we had a one party government with a strong leader who'll make the unpopular decisions that they know are best for us. I can dream.

*I call them the NRA Militia now because that's all they're really good for; starting, speaking for and arming militias in the name of firearms sales.  


  1. I think you might be on to something important in terms of framing with the whole "NRA Militia" thing. Your definition "starting, speaking for and arming militias in the name of firearms sales" is pretty much spot-on!

  2. I appreciate the comment, it was just my intention. Maybe we can make this stick.