Friday, November 9, 2012

Republican Voters Double Down on No Compromise Agenda. Big Surprise?

Our Republican sore losers are doubling down, and I couldn't be happier.

While I've wished Republicans would wise up, moderate and start acting like adults, I've changed my mind. I hope they continue down this incredibly self-destructive road. Through attrition, the Democratic Party will become an overwhelming majority. It means bye bye Republicans.
Washington Examiner: Republican voters, shell-shocked by the Democratic wave that swept over the country … want GOP lawmakers to fight President Obama even harder. Rasmussen Reports revealed in a new poll that a whopping 79% of Republicans think their party should stand up for principles and not cave in to compromise. "Republicans are even more emphatic that the GOP should stick to its principles than they were four years ago," said Rasmussen.

That result is likely to bolster Tea Party members (who) opposed to tax increases in the "fiscal cliff" negotiation.
There’s no learning curve here. Obama overwhelmingly won reelection running on raising taxes on the wealthy. Yet despite overwhelming support for the idea, tea party Republicans don’t care.

Ironically in states where they have a majority, they’re passing a no compromise radical agenda based on carrying out the will of the voters. That doesn't work for Democrats too? 

Yet if a million Wisconsinites sign recall petitions to oust Scott Walker because they don't like his agenda, should he stop, listen and do something different? If we’re to believe the tea party rhetoric, yes, of course:
And it also indicated that Republican voters want party leaders to fight harder, believing that GOP lawmakers aren't doing a good job representing them in Congress.
We shouldn't be shy about using the word authoritarian. It's the underlying reason for everything.

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