Friday, November 9, 2012

Petraeus Resigns over Affair. Reporter Michael Hastings bursts Petraeus bubble. But what about Benghazi?

Not another Republican caught playing around? 

The right wing is reeling after their possible 2016 presidential contender, CIA Director David Petraeus, just resigned after admitting to an affair.  
Petraeus Steps Down as C.I.A. Chief, Saying He Had Affair: David H. Petraeus resigned Friday, citing “extremely poor judgment” after 37 years of marriage. By acknowledging an extramarital affair, Mr. Petraeus was confronting a sensitive issue for the country’s top spy. Intelligence agencies are often concerned about the possibility that agents who engage in such behavior could be blackmailed for information. The move comes amid the unfolding controversy surrounding the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya. Scrutiny has fallen on a range of agencies including the CIA. The director had been expected to testify at hearings next week. 

Petraeus' wife, Holly, also works in the Obama administration, for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
Fox News did it level best to insulate Petraeus from the consulate attack, by having their anchors remind us constantly he resigned over an affair, but that memo didn't get out to at least one of their reporters:

Must See!!!  Rolling Stone contributor and reporter Michael Hastings rips Petraeus a new one based on past war coverage that blows the lid off a wildly protected military reputation. Wow, I did not know half this stuff:

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