Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Warning! Palin's new book Coming out in time to Compete with Christmas. Only $14.

Borders Books just announced:

America by Heart celebrates the values that have made this country what it is today.

Framed by her strong belief in the importance of family, faith, and patriotism, the book ranges widely over American history, culture, and current affairs..."

And it looks like Palin took the easy way out, filling the new tome with other peoples inspiring work. It adds length and a bit of professionalism to what would normally be another empty contribution to a fan base enamored by platitudes and "the show."
Written in her own refreshingly candid voice, America by Heart will include selections from classic and contemporary readings that have moved her—from the nation's founding documents to great speeches, sermons, letters, literature and poetry, biography, and even some of her favorite songs and movies.

She will also draw from personal experience to amplify these timely (and timeless)

Maybe she'll finally tell us all about those death panels....

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