Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fox Never Questions Paul Ryan's Horrific "Road map." Ryan Bashes Greece as Diversion Tactic.

Guess who's filled with a lot of BS, Rep. Paul Ryan. This guy is a walking Ayn Randian fruitcake.

First, Ryan has it all wrong. If spending was the problem, wouldn't have had "surpluses as far as the eye could see" at the end of Clinton's term in office. The problem is jobs. If people had jobs, the ones Republicans outsourced the last 15 years, the taxes they would pay the would help reduce or wipe out the deficit. Ryan is a disaster capitalist, advocating tax cuts and spending cuts that would make the problem worse. Again, Clinton had a big surplus without the draconian cuts proposed by Ryan. But Ryan lives in his Dickensian world of big business and the wealthy elitist upper class. Fox News:

RYAN: The problem in Washington is not revenue or tax problem, it is a spending problem.

VAN SUSTEREN: Value added tax?

RYAN: A bad idea.


Europe, our strong ally and trading partner, would be surprised at Ryan's view that they have a lower standard of living.
RYAN: If you basically say we are going to have a new revenue tax system on top of the current tax system we will have, then we will have European levels of taxation, and guess what you have in Europe? A lower standard of living than in America. It means less jobs, less prosperity, lower standard of living. Again, we don't want a new tax system on top of the current tax system to fuel growth of spending because that means less prosperity, lower jobs.

A lot of us conservatives are for consumption-based tax reform, replacing the current tax system, not on top of the current system. So all of the talk today about VAT is throw that on top of the taxes we have now which simply means don't address spending, just raise taxes. That will kill our economy.
Ryan would love to kill the economy, or the people in it first, so he can have his precious "balanced budget."

I haven't balanced my budget. I've got a mortgage, a big debt, and I'm doing okay. Throwing Americans under the bus so the budget is balanced is a screwy set standards that Paul Ryan is happy to advocate.

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