Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shotgun Justice and Home Heating Clash.

In one possible solution to our energy problems…

Middleton Police were dispatched due to a report of a female that had threatened an Madison Gas & Electric employee with a gun.
Here we are, the richest nation in the world, taking away a persons heat and electricity in the after math of the Great Recession. But more importantly, an armed society is encouraged to use whatever force they can imagine when push comes to shove.

MG&E had responded to this residence to cut service per their policy. Resident, Tracey Ace then confronted the MG& E employee while she was armed with a shotgun and made threatening statements to in an attempt to deter the MG&E employee from terminating service to the residence. Ace was taken into custody without incident. Middleton Police did recover a 12 gauge shotgun from the residence.
Desperate times…

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